The Auto Bolt Company

Auto Bolt has been in business for over 65 years in Cleveland, Ohio as a manufacturer of a diverse range of fastener related products. The company was purchased by the Kocian family in 1996 at its original location on Perkins Avenue in Cleveland. Current President and owner Rob Kocian, with 20 years serving in the business in nearly every capacity from sales to operations, is responsible for leading to the resurgence and growth of Auto Bolt at its current location on Manufacturing Avenue in Cleveland. The company has invested in its people, its operations, and its systems, and is committed to providing quality product to its North American based customers.


Auto Bolt specializes in low to high volume production of high performance externally threaded and non-threaded fasteners, customer designed to meet their specific end product application. Auto Bolt product size ranges from ¼” (M6) through 1” (M24) diameter to lengths up to 12” (300 mm). Auto Bolt is a leading provider of specialty fasteners for a variety of industrial markets and applications in North America including heavy Truck and Trailer, Agriculture and Outdoor Power Equipment, Construction and Heavy Equipment, Automotive tier suppliers, Automotive Aftermarket and High Performance Racing, as well as the military. Our product is sold through distributors and plant providers to original equipment customers, as well as directly to original equipment customers throughout North America.


Auto Bolt has realized tremendous growth over the last 5 years fueled by higher value, more specialized product, as well as through increased efficiency and technology in our manufacturing operations. Our staff of Application and Process Engineers, along with our sales team will work with our customer’s engineers on value added applications to suit a specific end product for our customers. Our highly skilled manufacturing group will work with our Process and Tool design engineers to produce a quality product in our recently purchased, nearly 100,000 S.F. manufacturing facility.


Their ISO9000 certified Quality System and operation ensures that product quality is built in at every step in the process from receipt of domestically supplied steel utilized in the manufacture of our product, through to the final inspection of finished product in our on-site Quality lab. Our product will meet and exceed our customer’s specifications. Our leadership team, and our continued investment in skilled personnel and efficient equipment and plant operations is a foundation for our recent and continued growth expected well into the future at Auto Bolt.


Auto Bolt has provided an important economic impact to our community and used our lender partnerships that encourage and support comprehensive approaches to economic development. As a result of the SBA loan program and Growth Capital’s strategic position in the market, Auto Bolt has been able to realize sustained growth. Growth Capital has provided six SBA 504 loans that were used to purchase the current Auto Bolt facility and acquire several new pieces of manufacturing equipment over the past 4 years. Our highly skilled workforce has grown over 35% in this time to more than 60 employees. Auto Bolt revenues are up over 55% in the last 4 years since working with Growth Capital and JP Morgan Chase Bank, with projections to surpass $12 million in calendar year 2016.