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Growth Capital Corp. was founded in 1982, as a Certified Development Company, extending financial assistance to local businesses with a focus on job creation in Northeast Ohio. Growth Capital provides fixed asset financing through our SBA 504 and Ohio Regional 166 loan programs in conjunction with local bank lenders, financing a total of $400 Million in expansion projects. We also provide working capital loans through our SBA Community Advantage loan program

We’ve posted a record level of loan production in the each of the past ten years; funding nearly $425 Million to small business in the region and leveraging over $800 million in private investment. Growth Capital also provides term loan working capital, equipment and business acquisition financing up to $250M through our SBA Community Advantage Program. We have been the Number One Certified Development Company in Ohio for the last nine years running.

Our expertise in loan origination, credit underwriting and portfolio servicing culminates is excellent capital risk management and fuels Growth Capital as we seek to be the premier provider of economic development financing in the entire state of Ohio as we provide creative financing solutions for growing businesses.

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