About Us

About us ImageSince 1982, we have provided more than $450 million in financial assistance to businesses as part of our overall mission to foster economic growth and job creation in Ohio. Also, for the past 9 years, we have been the number one SBA 504 lender in the State of Ohio. Growth Capital has a team of experienced economic development finance professionals with years of experience helping small business owners and lenders to access various state and federal finance opportunities. Growth Capital Corp. can help you finance:

  • Business Expansions
  • New Facilities
  • Equipment Purchases
  • Finance increased receivables
  • Working capital or inventory
  • Debt refinance


We can…

Save you money
Growth Capital Corp. is your link to money available through specialized loan programs. These loan programs feature low down payments, fixed rates, and long terms – all to encourage the success of growing businesses.

Save you time
Just show us your business plan. What do you want to do? What do you need to do it? Growth Capital Corp. helps determine your best loan options, helps prepare your loan application, and helps coordinate timely processing with all necessary lenders and government agencies.

Save you hassle
Growth Capital Corp. exists solely to help Ohio companies get financing for capital expenditures and working capital needs. As specialists in lending to businesses, the Growth Capital Corp. staff offers individualized counseling and guidance through the loan application process. We will find the right loan and the right terms to suit your companies financing needs.

Who should contact Growth Capital Corp.?
Growth Capital Corp. helps Ohio businesses in need of financing. Typical capital expenditures financed through our loans are for equipment purchase and facilities expansion or purchase.  We also provide working Please call us at 216-592-2332 to determine if your project qualifies. Regardless, we will point you in the right direction for your particular needs.

Fixed Rates

  • Long Terms
  • Low Down Payments

When you need money for capital investment or working capital, call Growth Capital Corp.